Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Welcome-Home Banners!!

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Greetings from!

We are asking for your help in spreading the word about a free offer that over 60,000 military friends and family have taken advantage of so far. is giving away Free Banners to military families for their welcome home celebrations at Please help us out by forwarding this link out to your organization: Free Welcome Home Banners

Here at, we are very proud of the continued service and sacrifice that our military personnel selflessly provide every day. To express our support of our brave men and women in uniform, we want to invite you to take part in our free "Welcome Home" banner promotion.

Beginning in July 2008, we began offering free "Welcome Home" banners to the friends and family of members of the armed services coming home from overseas. To date, we have given away over 60,000 banners. All banners can be customized in full color, including pictures; all we ask is that the customer pay the shipping and handling fee, usually about $13.