Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blue Star Mothers Meeting
April 20, 2010

Jacqueline Steele welcomed all members. The meeting was called to order at 6:04pm. Jacqueline Steele led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first order of business was the induction of our new officers – Jacqueline passed the gavel to Debbie Seifert as President, and Chrissy Harlan as our 1st Vice President.

We introduced ourselves to the prospective-new member, Gabby Mercer. Gabby’s daughter is a Marine that has been recently deployed to Afghanistan.

Old Business:
1. Jacqueline thanked the Junior League and reported the service project, Pack a Box for the Troops, was a great success with 13 boxes filled and shipped. Several Blue Star members attended the packing. Every Blue Star member’s child, regardless of where they are serving, received a box. Junior League has expressed an interest in doing the project again next year.
2. Gold Star Banner. Vicki presented our dear friend, Lois, with the Gold Star Banner.

New Business:
1. Transition- expanding the Board. The Board would like to add a 2nd Vice President as well as a Financial Secretary to help organize and assist. We also discussed the possibility of adding Trustees to audit the books quarterly such as the VFW Women’s Auxiliary has done for years.
2. Funds that had been donated to Jacqueline from various sources but not yet deposited were passed to Debbie Seifert.
3. Chaplain Fund. All the chapters have been asked to donate $25.00 to the Chaplain Fund.
4. Chapter Historian. Vicki Payne nominated Jeanne Varns, an Associate Member, to be the Chapter Historian. The nomination was seconded by Chrissy Harlan and passed.
5. Spring Package event. Chrissy Harlan is going to get information from Kim Sloan and pass it along.
6. Blue Star National Convention in Colorado. National requires at least one member from each chapter attend. Debbie Seifert will attend but extended the invitation for others to join her.
7. Chrissy Harlan advised us of the sudden passing of Loren “Corky” Gripp. Corky was the Commander of the VFW, prompting the need for a Chaplain from our midst. Vicki will get a sympathy card sent to Corky’s wife for the Blue Star Mothers.
8. Open and close of meetings. Bylaws require that we open with the Pledge of Allegiance and close with a prayer.

Debbie shared some pictures of banners that her cousin, David England, quilts specifically for the Blue Star Mothers. For further information, contact

The meeting was closed at 7:18 pm with a prayer read by Jacqueline Steele.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Payne
April 24, 2010