Friday, June 29, 2007

Minutes from June 26th meeting.

• The meeting began at 6:30pm with introductions.

• Pledge of Allegiance.

• Treasurer Report – Volunteer for Treasurer position – Linda Cagle – all in favor. $117 in kitty – will open BS checking account – needed letter from BSM approving and now have that.

• Bonnielee – BS shirts – brought samples to try on and she will be taking orders. Each shirt is $20 (cash or check only)

• Blue Star pins - $4 each – taking orders for that also

• Bears - $25 each – Bonnielee has only 12 of them – company that makes them is now out of business. You can also get bears that you can record your own message on. Chrissy Harlan from the VFW will find more info out about them.

• Donations/Care packages – we will hold off on them for the time being – need more donations for postage and heat a factor at this time – Debbie Miller will still collect things and store them at her home if anyone has anything.

• WildOats on Speedway Blvd. Has a donation table set up for us. Will send thank you to Kelley Prust, Marketing Manager.

• PO Box – discussed necessity for it – some agree it’s necessary, others don’t. Debbie Miller will check on some prices and report back at the next meeting.

• Fundraising Chair – Debbie Seifert asked to chair a committee – all in favor – anyone wanting to join the committee, please email Debbie S. at

• Discussed group support and necessity of a phone tree – will update contact list and elaborate at next meeting.

• Some announcements:
• VFW picnic July 4th – FRG’s & BSM invited
• Mt. Lemmon to have picnic & parade – BSM invited to participate

• Allotted time to try on shirts

• Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm

• Minutes taken by Debbie Seifert

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