Monday, August 6, 2007


Itinerary for “Fight for Victory Tour”

You can suggest an ideal rally location for any of the cities we are stopping in, or request more information by emailing us at:

(Day 1) Monday Sept 3 2007

Carson City, NV Rally Start 9:00AM

Sacramento, CA Rally Start 1:15 PM

San Francisco, CA Rally Start 5:15 PM

Modesto, CA Rally Start 8:15 PM

(Day 2) Tuesday Sept 4 2007

Leave Modesto, CA 8:00 AM

Fresno, CA Rally Start 10:00 AM

Los Angeles, CA Rally Start 3:15 PM

San Diego, CA Arrive at Hotel 8:15 PM

(Day 3) Wednesday Sept 5 2007

San Diego, CA Rally Start 9:00 AM

Yuma, AZ Rally Start 1:00 PM

Phoenix, AZ Rally Start 5:00 PM

Arrive Tucson, AZ Hotel 8:15 PM

(Day 4) Thursday Sept 6 2007

Tucson, AZ Rally Start 9:00 AM

Las Cruces, NM Rally Start 4:00 PM

El Paso, TX Rally Start 6:15 PM


1 comment:

vet66 said...

Looking forward to attending and giving widespread coverage. Hopefully we will find out where the FFV tour will hold the festivities.

Thanks for the Update!