Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blue Star Mothers Meeting

March 25, 2008

Debbie Miller and Debbie Seifert were not able to attend the meeting. Those BSM’s in attendance held an informal meeting wherein the time was spent caring, sharing and discussing as follows:

  1. Resignation –
    1. Bonnielee Walsh’s resignation as Co-Vice President was announced.
  2. “Middle” Meeting, March 11th
    1. Vicki Payne informed everyone about the talk given by the D-M Speakers at the March 11th meeting and information on deployment, etc. One of the things they talked about the soldiers’ returning stateside and re-entering normal life. It takes between 3-12 months for the soldier to become acclimated back into stateside life. The suggestion was made that they be invited to speak at another meeting and that their talk be taped. The next “middle” meeting will be April 8th at the VFW.
  3. “Middle” Meetings –
    1. Obtaining speakers for these meetings was discussed.
  4. –
    1. Link has been added to the BSM website.
  5. Easter Eggstravaganza –
    1. Was discussed.
  6. April 8th “Middle” Meeting –
    1. Barbara Lutgendolf will be speaking. Barbara is a teacher in Marana whose son was a Naval Medic for the Marines.
  7. April 29th Meeting/Potluck –
    1. Barbara League and April Bolt will ask their sons (Matt and Gareth) to speak at the April 29th meeting. Debbie Miller’s son was in the same group. Discussion/decision to have a potluck that evening from 6:30-8:00pm and have the business meeting from 8:00-8:30pm. A potluck sign-up sheet was passed around.
    2. Vicki Payne will check with Kim Sloan regarding having food in the VFW meeting room.
  8. Pima County Fair –
    1. Decision was made to NOT have a table at the Pima County Fair. The table would have to manned every day for 10 days from 11:00am-9:00pm.
  9. Memorial Day –
    1. Lois Spangenberg will check to see if Tucson has anything in the works.
    2. VFW has a cookout for Memorial Day, May 26th.
  10. 4th of July/Mt. Lemmon –
    1. Helen Quigley volunteered to obtain details on the Mt. Lemon 4th of July Celebration. She participated for the BSM’s in 2007.
  11. 4th of July/Marana –
    1. Barbara League volunteered to obtain details on having a table at their celebration.
  12. 4th of July/Oro Valley –
    1. Linga Cagle volunteered to contact Oro Valley regarding having a table at their celebration.
  13. D-M Spring Air Show –
    1. Lois Spangenberg volunteered to get info on having a table there.
  14. Adopting a Highway –
    1. Suggestion was made to look into this, i.e. cost, what is involved and how often.
    1. There was a lot of discussion on the BSM’s original formed to be a support group and having lost a lot of the people who attended the first meetings because their need for support was not being met.
    2. Suggestion was that we need to reduce the time spent on business and to go back to being more of a support group.
    3. It was also suggested that a group e-mail be sent to those that have attended the BSM Meetings in the past to let them know that the meetings are going to revert back to lean more toward support than business.
    4. Doing “FUN” things was also suggested –

i. Getting groups together to go to –

1. Gaslight Theater.

2. Baseball games.

3. Reid Park Zoo, Music Under the Stars.

4. Sabino Canyon hikes.

5. Riverfront Park, Oro Valley.

6. Catalina State Park.

7. Etc.

Respectfully submitted,

Charli Greenlees

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