Monday, October 22, 2007

Good News!

Debbie Miller reports that she's prepared 19 boxes to ship! The lucky recipients are soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines chosen from The contents of these packages are donated items from many sources.

In addition to packaging and mailing these boxes, Debbie spent Sunday at Wild Oats on Speedway promoting Blue Star Mothers. In August and September Wild Oats was kind enough to make a box available for donations, and has chosen Blue Star Mothers, Arizona Chapter 2, as one of their "Wooden Nickel" charities. For every grocery bag a shopper brings into the store, Wild Oats offers them a Wooden Nickel. The shopper then drops it in the box of their favorite charity and we get a check! Cha-Ching!

Stay posted, Wild Oats will be hosting another charity drive to include some Christmas mailings, soon.

Be sure to let the management at Wild Oats know that you appreciate their support!

An addendum from Bonnielee:

Great news for our chapter's Blue Star Moms! On October 18th, The Living Word Chapel in Oracle packed 40 care packages for our troops ... and I do mean "our" troops. Because I attend that church, the pastor, his wife, and the members are very much aware of my WRITE ON! project. The Ladies' Group members asked me for the list of pen pals my students and I write to. As you know, many of our pen pals are YOUR sons and daughters. The old saying "what goes around comes around" is certainly true here. While our group was readying care packages for "any soldier," our church was readying packages for OUR service members. Sunday I was asked for a second copy of the list so the group can pray for each member on our list. God is good--all the time!
One very proud
Marine Wife and
Air Force Mom,

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