Friday, October 12, 2007

Minutes from Sept. 25, 2007 meeting

· The meeting began at 6:30pm

· Group picture taken by Jon – Foothills/Oro Valley Magazine for November article on Blue Star Mothers

· Pledge of Allegiance

· Reading of previous months minutes – Approved by All

· Treasurer Report – $859.00 in checking account

· Old Business

o Shirts – Bonnielee Walsh - We now have a new printing company for our BSM shirts.

· Tee Time

· 3755 N. Runway Drive, #D, Tucson

· (520)291-1688

· Contact: Jim Rockwell

o Thank You Certificate – Barb League – Original design was too grainy and the designer will play with it a bit to make it look more crisp & clear. Barb will follow up and report back at the November meeting.

· New Business

o Letter from Rose – She has resigned as Secretary of BSM due to personal reasons. We will need a new volunteer to take her place. Motions were made for Barb League or Charli Greenlees. Charli agreed to be Secretary, with Barb as a back up. Approved by all. Charli will not be at the Nov. meeting so Barb will cover minutes for that meeting.

o Teams/Committees – Roxanne has come up with an idea for four sub-committees, each designated to handle a certain aspect of our group.

· Courageous Tigers – Fundraising Committee

· Flying Eagles – Letter & Correspondence

· Gentle Lambs – Emotional Support/Grief

· Industrious Ants – Community Service/Involvement

o At the November meeting, we will have “sign ups” for each team/committee.

o Family Fun Day at Wild Oats – Debbie S. – November 3rd from 10-12 at Wild Oats Market on Speedway Blvd. We are partnering with Wild Oats (marketing manager Kelley Pruest) to have a care packing party and card making event for the troops.

o Charity Emporium – Debbie S. - – this organization has various stores on its website. A portion of what you buy is donated to your organization. It doesn’t cost us anything, just a matter of signing up for it. All agreed that it sounds like something we should at least try.

o Email from Carolyn – Debbie S. – Carolyn Kneppel is a mom from the Phoenix area that is on our email. She has been emailing Debbie back and forth about issues she is having regarding her son, who has been in the military service before.

o The idea of having a “generic” type business card was brought up. Debbie M. will make up a few samples and bring them to the next meeting.

o Set up Yahoo account – Lois suggested we do this in order to make communication more effective for the group. She is willing to take on getting that set up.

o Cookbooks – Debbie S. – a company produces cookbooks as a fundraiser and the cost is very minimal. They are great gifts for family and friends. We could submit our soldier’s favorite recipes. The company puts together the whole book from the recipes you send it. Each recipe is on its own page to make it easier to read and follow. All agreed it sounds like a great fundraising idea.

· Announcements

o Oct. 27th – Patriotic Rally – Jacobs Field from 11am-3pm.

o Nov. 3rd – Wild Oats Family Fun Day from 10am-12pm.

o Nov. 12th – Veterans Day Parade

· Closing: Serenity Prayer

· Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm

· Next meeting Oct. 30th, 6:30pm

· Minutes reported by Debbie Miller

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