Thursday, November 29, 2007

Minutes from 11/27/07 meeting

Blue Star Mothers Meeting

November 27, 2007

Debbie Seifert welcomed everyone and called to order at 6:35pm. Debbie led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Minutes of the October 30th meeting were read and approved as corrected. The Treasurer’s Report was given as follows: October balance of $859.00 and expenses of $164.85 for the banner and $170.05 to mail 19 boxes for our Troops. There was a deposit of $34.00 leaving a balance of $533.10.

DebbieS welcomed our guests –

Letty would like to join GSM. Her son is in the Army in Iraq. She works for KGUN9 and may be able to help with publicity.

David Hampton who deals with PTSS, some of troops returning stateside. He thanked the BSMs for their support.

Old Business –

  1. Banner – Turned out very nice and was carried in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Linda Cagle had to redraw the logo as the emailed copy was not clear enough. The cost was $170.05 not $121.00 quoted by Fast Signs. Barbara League has the banner rolled on pvc piping. Barbara’s husband, Russell, suggested purchasing a larger diameter pvc pipe to go over the rolled banner to protect it. Russell also suggested using an length of electrical conduit pole to carry the banner as it is sturdier than pvc pipe.

ACTION: Vicki Payne will locate the original quote and contact Fast Signs regarding the price variance.

ACTION: Barbara will purchase the pvc pipe, electrical conduit pole and submit a bill to the Treasurer.

NOTE: Per DebbieS, the National By-Laws state that the official BSM logo can be used on a banner but cannot be used on a flag.

  1. Veteran’s Parade, November 11th – Everyone had a good time at the parade and got wonderful media coverage. Linda will “capture” the media coverage from the new website and add it to the BSM website.

ACTION: Linda will add media coverage of parade to the BSM website.

  1. Wild Oats on Speedway, November 3rd – There were 20-30 people attending. About 50 boxes were packaged and sent to at $8.95 per box. Postage for the 50 boxes was donated by a local neighborhood. When additional monies are available the remainder of the items will be packaged and sent.

  2. Avon Sales – Bonnie Hall turned in an order to Kimberlee at Avon.

  3. Nominating Committee – National says officers can hold office for 1-2 years. Linda made a motion, Barbara seconded, that the current officers remain in office through 2008. The motion was approved. Barbara made a motion, Linda seconded, that a Nominating Committee be chosen in September 2008 to select candidates for office in 2009-2010. Motion was approved.

  4. Dues – Dues in the amount of $10.00 are due prior to January 1, 2008. $5.00 of the dues goes to National and $5.00 to our Chapter.

  5. Holiday Parade, December 8, 6:00pm – Entries must include the use of lights, glow sticks, etc. Parade starts at 17th Street and 6th Avenue and ends at Armory Park. Mayor Walkup will light the tree at 5:45pm. Diane of FRG (Family Readiness Group) said they may add lights to and use the same float used in the Veteran’s Day Parade.

ACTION: Vicki will contact Diane to see if we can follow their float.

  1. Holiday Party, December 11th, 6:30-8:30pm – The Party will be at the Golden Corral at 715 E. Wetmore Road. Spouses, significant others and children are welcome to attend. Attendees will pay for their own dinner on arrival. Participation in a $10.00 grab bag will be restricted to BSM members.

  2. Team/Committee Sign-ups – Sign-up were as follows:

    1. Courageous Tigers – Fund Raising.

Bonnie Hall – Chair

Carol Herndon

Debbie Seifert

    1. Flying Eagles – Letters and correspondence.

April Bolt

Roxanne Peroldo

Helen Quigley (2nd Choice)

Bonnielee Walsh

Debbie Miller

    1. Gentle Lambs – Emotional/moral support.

Linda Cagle

Deb Davila

Barb League

Bonnielee Walsh

    1. Industrious Ants – Community service.

Bertha Topar

Helen Quigley (1st Choice)

  1. Fundraising –

Bonnie Hall –

    1. Foothills Mall – Lady there was in favor of doing something with a tree where people take a name. She will supply a table that we can decorate for the holiday and where we can display our banner. Helen Quigley suggested “Adopt a Box” as our theme where people can make donations to send boxes to our Troops. Motion was made by Linda, seconded by Barbara, to hold this fundraiser on December 9th from 12n-5pm. Receipts would be given for income tax purposes.

ACTION: Linda – Buy a receipt book and give receipts for future donations.

    1. New Life Health Food – Information was sent to our contact there. Waiting on reply.

DebbieS –

  1. Said she thought 25% of all fundraising should go to National. If we are raising money for our care packages, we may be able to get around this requirement.

ACTION: DebbieS will do more research on this requirement.

  1. Talked with Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall re fundraising booth/table. They said they do not do anything like that.

  2. Will try to contact Jim Click re donations.

ACTION: DebbieS – Contact Jim Click re donations.

New Business –

  1. DAR/SAR – Charli Greenlees read an short article in the California SAR Magazine about a California BSM speaking before the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the SAR. Offered to act as liaison to the El Presidio DAR Chapter in Tucson after the first of the year and to notify them of our service to our current Troops.

ACTION: Charli will talk with El Presidio DAR Chapter re BSMs after first of year.

  1. Yellow Ribbon Bracelets/Support Our Troops Key rings – DebbieS has them for sale at $1.00 each. The total revenue made from the sale of these items will be donated to BSMs.

  2. Community Calendar – Letty said she would check to see if KGUN9 had something of this sort.

ACTION: Letty will check with KGUN9 re community calendar.

General Discussion –

  1. New BSM Shirts – Mike Greenlees displayed the new BSM shirts available from Tee Time.

  2. VFW Auxiliary – Helen attended a meeting where Kim Sloan and ladies were filling stockings to be sent to our Troops.

  3. “Operation Message” – Channel 4 called Barbara regarding the low turn-out for the Red Cross tapings of messages for Troops for the holiday.

  4. Avon – Kimberlee delivered Bonnie’s order and passed out books for 2 new campaigns. She said we could contact her direct with out orders.

  5. Great News! – Helen’s son will be home on December 15th for his two weeks R&R.

  6. Packaging Boxes – Bonnie mentioned that DebbieM was talking about packaging more boxes on December 1st.

  7. Coffee Get Togethers – These were held on an impromptu basis for a while. Suggestion was to get them going again.

Cares & Concerns –

April Bolt – She is slowly mending after being hit by a car.

California Connection, a PBS Affiliate –

Linda shared a video about 4 injured soldiers and their struggle to regain control of their lives. One of the soldiers is Linda’s son, Eric. (Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.)

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm after the Serenity Prayer.

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